Squeaky Shoes 4 Tots now gives you a chance to choose a different kind of baby shoe. Now introducing Toddler squeaky shoes for little kids, a unique baby shoe that squeaks when your baby walks across the floor

squeaky shoesImagine baby shoes that squeak when the baby walks. Think about it. Everywhere your little bundle of joy goes you’ll be able to know where they’re at. In the kitchen, in the den, in the utility room. They can run but they can’t hide. Squeak shoes are available in sandals, canvas shoes, and leather shoes and come in sizes 4,5,6,7, and 8. These cute  squeaky shoes also come in many colors and designs making it easy to find the perfect wee squeaky shoes for your little angel. Two popular designs are the camo squeak shoes and the blue canvas squeaky shoes. Children’s squeaky shoes are available for both your little boy and your little girl, and comes in bright colored tennis shoes and sandals for Spring and Summer, and leather squeaky shoes for Fall and Winter. So winter and summer you can find a pair of fun squeaky babies shoes for your toddler.


♦ ♦ ♦ Squeaky baby shoes have several benefits ♦ ♦ ♦

      ♦The Squeaky Shoes Design-The squeaky shoes are designed to forces air through the “squeaker” as the toddler steps down. That is what produces the squeaky sound. This results in your child actually walking on air.
      ♦ Find your child in crowded places-The squeaky sound alerts you to your childs whereabouts. 
      ♦Encourages proper walking techniques-A heel to toe motion is needed to make the shoe squeak.
      ♦Encourages your child to wear their shoes-Children love the sound these squeaky shoes make so much, they may not want to take them off.
      ♦Handicap Aids-Squeaky shoes are an encouragement for children with disabilities to walk. They will also help visually impaired parents to keep track of their baby because of the squeaky sound the shoes make.
      ♦Physical Therapists Recommended-Physical Therapists are recommending squeaky shoes with toddlers and young children. to encourage proper form while walking.  The squeaking sound from the shoe helps the child to know when he/she is walking correctly because the shoe will only squeak if walking heel-to-toe.
      ♦Pediatrician recommended– The soft-soled exterior are Pediatrician-recommended for young developing feet.  The soft squeaky soles bend easily after each squeaky step!

Squeaky baby shoes are being recommended by Physical Therapists for toddlers to teach them proper form while learning to walk. They are also recommended by Pediatricians for developing feet because of there soft soled exterior.              NOTE: The squeaking sound can be silenced.

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For keeping your baby safe, always check for JPMA’s stamp of approval. Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association has a thorough process on vetting products and is a great place to start shopping. You can view their website here.