We here at Squeaky Shoes 4 Tots seek to provide our customers with quality products and great service. We want our product (squeaky baby shoes) to be enjoyed by parents and children alike. Not only are these squeaky shoes adorable they are practical as well, aiding hearing impaired children learning to walk. We are very excited about the opportunity to offer this wonderful product to our customers. We will treat every order as if it were our only order, making sure that it is shipped out in a timely manner. In this day of high prices we know many people are looking for the best price available and we offer each pair of baby shoes at the lowest price possible. Every pair of shoes we sell is carefully inspected before shipping to ensure the quality of your purchase. Because our company has a religious background we will be fair and honest with each and every customer that comes to us. We know many grandparents love to spoil their grand babies with lots of things that they like. Squeaky shoes are just the thing to keep a small toddler entertained for hours, because of the sound their shoes make when they walk.